Hello, World

I’m back to academic blogging after an absence of nearly four years. I took some time off from blogging to finish my dissertation, then jumped into a tremendously rewarding and busy postdoc in the Department of Sociology, Lancaster University. After losing the better part of a year to illness and injury, I’ve begun work as Assistant Professor, Sociology of Emerging Technologies, at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

2016-06-17 11.00.37.jpgWhile I’ve only been at HU for two months, and our Fall term is yet to start, I’ve had an amazing experience, begun working with some of the most interesting and congenial folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to be associated with, and have become immersed in two areas I’ll be blogging about here.

First, teaching and education technology. HU is a technology university with a mission to teach under-served student populations, in central Pennsylvania and globally. It’s an exciting combination, and I’m eager to document my experiences in this environment.

Second, games studies. HU has a vibrant community of games scholars, with active playtest sessions. I’ll be reviewing games here on a regular basis with an eye to their applicability to the classroom and to other sorts of education.

My third area of blogging, as my friends and colleagues will know, will be rants, or longer-form explorations of topics in technology, politics, and SF/F fandom.

I’ve pulled down the 162 posts on my grad-student blog: I’d prefer a fresh start. Some of those posts are cross-linked to my blog at HASTAC.